Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

Order Online: Simply add your bulbs to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button located on each variety page. Click "Continue" to continue shopping. When all the items you'd like to order are in the shopping cart, be sure "Process Your Order Securely Online" is checked, then click the "Checkout" button to begin the checkout process. Choose "Shipping" or "Customer Pickup", Enter your address information, then clickContinue with Purchaseto review the items in your cart, enter your payment information and any special shipping or delivery instructions. Then click "Submit Order" to place your order securely.

Phones: Sorry, but we do not accept orders by phone.

Can I order now and pay later?

No, all orders placed with us must be paid in full at time of ordering.

What is your shipping season?

Our usual shipping season is from late January through the end of May. Our last day of shipping is May 31st.

When do you ship?

Please request a ship date. We will try to follow that as closely as possible.  If no specific ship date has been selected we will start shipping in late January, weather permitting, to those customers in the warmest parts of the U.S. first (down south), followed by coastal states and progressing to the Midwest when when weather permits safe shipping. Our last day of shipping is May 31st.

Please note that neither us, or our carriers, insure against freezing, so if you wish early shipment, you must assume all responsibility.

How do you ship?

We ship via UPS only for bulb orders under 10,000 bulbs.  We will explore other freight carriers for orders larger than that and use the one that is most cost effective to your area.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the U.S.?

No, we do not. We only ship to the 48 continental United States.

What are your shipping charges?

Shipping is 15% of your order, flat rate for all areas we sell to. Alternatively you can pick up your order at our distribution center in Three Rivers, Michigan, with no shipping charge.

Can you ship C.O.D?

Sorry, but COD orders are not accepted.

Can I pick my order up at your facility to save on shipping charges?

Yes, orders may be picked up Monday – Friday with verbal or emailed approval.  Please allow a 3 to 5 days notice, so that we may have your order ready. We are not a retail company, so all orders must be placed in advance. Be sure to select "Customer Pickup" as your shipping method when checking out.

Do you offer any discounts?

On large quantities of 10,000 or more of a single variety and size, we do offer a special discount.  Please email us and let us know your needs and we will discuss pricing with you.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our bulbs are the highest quality in the industry, and in over 50 years of supplying literally hundreds of millions of bulbs to cut flower growers and the packaging industry we have demonstrated our consistent high standards for producing and shipping only the best. Our bulbs are guaranteed to please you upon arrival. All bulbs should be inspected when unpacked upon arrival. As is the standard in the industry, we cannot guarantee the productivity of the bulbs, nor can we be held responsible for the crop, as there are too many conditions that are beyond our control.  If you should have any concerns please contact us. Note however that claims must be made in writing within one week of receiving shipment.

What is your policy regarding supply and substitution?

All bulbs are sold subject to current supplies of the variety and size.

We reserve the right to substitute on varieties that are sold out.  If a size is sold out, we will substitute with the next larger size.  If a variety is sold out, we will substitute with a variety that most closely resembles the one that was ordered.

What is your policy regarding website pricing issues and other website errors?

Although we make every effort to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information, occasionally, one or more items on our web site may be mispriced or some other error may result in an incorrect order. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic, or technical error or error in pricing information, or any other error of the website results in an incorrect order, Fred W. Nagel & Sons, Inc. retains the right to refuse or cancel any problematic or erroneous orders placed.

When will my credit card be charged?

Credit cards are charged when your order is placed.

What varieties are in your mixes?

Our Commercial Mix is a blend of 18-20 varieties of various bright colors and shades. Our Pastel Mix is a blend of 12-14 varieties of pastel-colored glads.

Are the colors on the website accurate?

The colors you see on your screen can vary quite a bit from screen to monitor to pad. Ipad users might see slightly different colors from laptop users, who may see slightly different colors from smart-phone users. Unfortunately this is the state of technology today. We have made every effort to be sure the original photos were very accurate to the true colors, but what you see on your screen when ordering may be slightly different from the true colors of the flowers.

What are the differences in sizes?

Bulbs are graded according to size based on diameter in inches or centimeters.
No. 1 Size – (12/14 cm) or 1½ “ and larger
No. 2 Size – (10/12 cm) or 1¼ ” – 1½ “
All of the above sizes will produce marketable flowers the first year.  Larger bulbs may flower earlier than smaller bulbs with a potential 5-day difference between successive grades.  The number of spikes produced and the size of the florets per spike increase as the size of the corm increases. 

Are they bulbs or are they corms?

Technically they are corms, but in our industry it is widely accepted to call them bulbs.  "Bulb" has mainly come to mean any plant which has an underground food storage capacity.  The main distinguishing trait is the method of storing food.  In corms most of the food is stored in an enlarged basal plate rather than the fleshy scales, which in bulbs are much smaller. Corms tend to be flatter in shape than round, true bulbs such as tulips.

Are glad bulbs hardy?

In climates harsher than Zone 7 or Zone 8, gladiolus bulbs are considered non-hardy and are subject to freezing.  They should be dug before freezing temperatures arrive.