Customer Testimonials

Excellent price and variety. I look forward to getting them planted the gladiolus from last year were beautiful.


These are nice sized bulbs, bigger than the grower special mixed glads. Again the foliage only took about two weeks to emerge and has been growing great! I look forward to seeing some beautiful blooms.

Michelle J

Super excited to see these growing! The bulbs were in great condition. I planted my first 8 a few weeks ago and one is already over 6 inches tall! All 8 have sprouted! I soaked the remainder and planted them a week ago and already seeing sprouts! First time growing these and can’t wait for flowers!


This was my first order from Nagel Glads, and I was so pleased with this one that I have already placed 2 more orders with them! All of the bulbs have bloomed and are healthy plants. There is a nice variety of colors, which is what I wanted.


Ordered late, but planted gladiolus bulbs about 2 weeks ago & all but one (out of 30) have sprouted! Cannot wait for fall order to arrive!!!

Racheal RN

So far they are shooting up like crazy, tall and health; I too planted in a bulb planter to see the colors before moving some of them to their future homes. The leftovers are in my tulip bed because I got tired of it looking so sad after the tulips and grape hyacinth finish, those are also looking really good.


This is my first time ever planting flowers. Especially from bulbs. It can be intimidating, but I find that the website provides great information and have been watching a ton of YouTube videos. I ordered a really big order of several different flowers but did my research to make sure they would all thrive together. I ordered 3 bags of the mixed gladiolus I got them planted today. All the croma were firm and looked healthy, I absolutely can’t wait to see them sprout and grow!!! You can’t beat the price either especially if your a new Gardner!! Super excited!! Happy Planting!!!

Jessica R

I have received this product and planted. From what I can tell I think they are all growing. Has been a cold dry spring season in Iowa. Will be anxious to see how they come up and bloom!

Val H

They were minimally priced, arrived in record time and so I planted them, oh about 4 weeks ago. They are coming up in quantity! Can't wait for the pretty blooms to follow, so thank you, Nagel Glads!

Jerry S

These bulbs were really healthy and immediately started sprouting within a week, amazing!!! I have purchased other glad bulbs at local retailers and out of a bad of 20 may 2 produced. Right now I am loving you guys. ***Purchased the red and the mixed bag***

Dirt Baby

I've never planted gladiolus before, so I was very excited to purchase these. The corms looked great, and they have all sprouted. I can't wait to see the gorgeous colors.


The bag comes with so many bulbs. I planted 10 of them and every single one hatched! I did not pre-freeze them, and they still all worked. The sprouts look very healthy and are the correct plant. Very satisfied, would definitely buy again.


Even though these were end of the season mark-downs, the bulbs were all healthy and a good size. I planted them right away and already they're coming up and hopefully will get some flower stocks this season.


Extremely pleased with these gladiolas so far. Every single bulb I planted -- around 25 -- has sprouted leaves. Planted mid-April and they are about a foot tall in late June.


Pleased with this mix. The vast majority of these bulbs came up even though I planted them late. The colors were quite a variety and very vivid! Looking forward to seeing how they do in year 2.


Love these flowers. I planted them as soon as I got them. Once you water them really good a few times they shoot up quick. Just plant the bulbs a few inches or they will lean over once they flowers shoot up because they are heavy.


Nice firm bulbs were delivered in a timely manner with a few more than the posted 30 bulbs per package. Bulbs came up quickly and have been growing with nice foliage. I am currently waiting on bloom stems!


I ordered 2 bags of these along with some other items, but didn't receive them in my initial shipment. They responded quickly to my inquiries, and finally received them. Healthy corms, planted the first batch of 30 which are already coming up. Looking forward to getting the second round of 30 in the ground and some nice glads this summer. My wife's favorite cut flower, so looking to score some hubby points!!


I live in south central Indiana. I ordered these 2 years ago and planted them in the fall and they all came up and bloomed the first spring. Gorgeous colors! This is the second year and so far the ones planted on the south side have come up. That's great considering the advice for my zone is to dig them up every winter and replant them every spring, which I do not have time to do.


I got a great deal on these bulbs as it was a bit later in the season for planting them. However, all but one or two in the large variety pack have sprouted! I am always pleased with my purchases from this company.


One cannot beat this deal of 100 bulbs. Gladiolus are beautiful as cut flowers and I have never been disappointed by the quality of Holland Bulbs merchandise. Everything I have purchased from Nagel Glads so far, have been of superior quality.

Rhonda H

Received all the corms in good shape in a timely manner as well. Planted 3 or so days after receiving the corms. So far all have come up and are looking very healthy. Looking forward to the blooms coming on!


The bulbs looked excellent when they arrived and I planted them all right away. Every single bulb grew and produced GORGEOUS bright red flower spikes. I received more compliments on these gladiolus than any other flowers in my garden.

These are so easy to grow and look stunning! They’re planted in the heat of summer and in imperfect soil but they’re doing just fine! They’re helping me fill in beds that are in a transition phase.

Amy F

These glads are a nice hot color, romantic and passionate-looking for sure. We grow them alongside pink, red and bright orange Zinnias in Wyoming for extra color in arrangements. They stand out.


Although my husband is not a gardener, he does know what he likes. Red Gladiolas. I made a new glad bed last spring and surprised him this year with the red glads that I ordered from Holland Bulbs. The bulbs were a good size and popped right out of the ground and are growing like crazy. Bill "checks" his glads daily for their progress. He has intentions of making me a bouquet with "his" glads!


What a great deal and so easy. We just planted the bulbs as directed, mulched, and watched them grow. So much fun to watch sprout and check often on the size. Beautiful!


When these came up, I was blown away by how beautiful they are. The colors are gorgeous, the flower is gorgeous, and I’m pleased with the size of the plant the first year coming up. I plan on getting more of these! One stall couldn’t support the weight of the flowers, so I ended up cutting that and putting it in a vase. Made an excellent cut flower and statement piece.


Received healthy bulbs. Everyone one of my Gladiolus bulbs are growing beautifully with no problems at all. The price is affordable and the quality is awesome.


Possibly one of the most hardy and reliable of the collection in my experience. - This is a gorgeous deep purple color. On our flower farm, this purple has bloomed at the exact same time as the white for the past few years, making for some really creative arrangements. I like to match it with whites and blues (such as bachelors’ button) in bouquets.

Bill P

Received all the corms in good shape in a timely manner as well. Planted 3 or so days after receiving the corms. So far all have come up and are looking very healthy. Looking forward to the blooms coming on!


These bulbs arrived all looking healthy and many already had little sprouts poking out. I even waited a few weeks before planting (didn't have a good garden plan when I ordered all of these!), and they're doing well. All of them are 1-5 inches tall right now 1.5 weeks after planting.


Nagel Glads offers the best gladiolus hands-down. I’m a happy yearly customer. The mixed pack is a nice option for continuous blooms - farmers market friendly! Last season it was lovely to watch each color show at a slightly different time. I planted the corms closer together than recommended, allowing for a really dramatic effect in the field. Quality, reliable corms with a 2 wk+ vase life.

Julie G

The bulbs arrived in good condition and I have planted them right away. They are growing beautifully, but because I planted them out of season, I am not sure that they will flower. I’m sure they’ll flower next year.

Amy F

All of the bulbs in this pack arrived in excellent shape and started to grow within 10 days. The plants look healthy and I'm expecting fabulous flowers by the end of the summer. I would order these gladiolas again.


Priced very well for amount and quality. I’ve purchased gladiolus bulbs from other places to find my bulbs moldy and shriveled up, but these looked very healthy. Some even had a little green coming out! I can’t wait for them to bloom this summer!


I planted these VERY LATE in Zone 9 (New Orleans) however they almost all grew and quite a few bloomed. The blooms were beautiful and lasted over a week as cut flowers. Will definitely plant on time next year.


Bulbs arrived healthy and large. Mixed them with various other types of gladiolas and have sprouts in every pot. Hopeful for blooms next year!


I planted these all around my house in different conditions: good soil, clay soil, shade, sun, and EVERY ONE bloomed. I was shocked, to be honest. The hummingbirds also loved them which was exciting for my kids to watch. And if any stems did break (thanks storms), they made a beautiful single stem in a vase.


I mix these in with my daffodils as they will flower as the daffodil leaves are waning. These lilies have brilliant blooms. In Eastern NC, they come back year after year. They don’t spread much, but that can be a good thing. Seem to tolerate semi-shade pretty well.

Tom C

Great price and great product! I soaked these bulbs overnight before planting and they all sprouted within the first week! I will be purchasing from Holland Bulbs again. Can't wait to see them flower!


I am starting from scratch building landscaping and these were a great add to put in some structure for the base.


I ordered a large amount of Gladiolus bulbs is various colors for the first time with Nagel Glads and my shipment was packaged nicely and they are already coming up in the greenhouse. I am very excited!